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November 2022

GeoWorks x KILSA: Market Expansion to Vietnam Workshop

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Singapore, 24th November 2022 – Co-organised by Geoworks and KILSA Global, the workshop on market expansion to Vietnam concluded by sharing the latest business landscape updates on 24th November 2022. It offers a glimpse of the economy, business climate, and geotech opportunities in Vietnam.

The workshop was hosted by Aaron Everhart, the Country Advisor for KILSA Global and the Country Director of Draper Startup House Vietnam. During the session, Aaron skillfully covered the macro and micro analysis regarding the Vietnam economy, growth, and geotech opportunities in Vietnam. He also shared the best practices within the Vietnam business climate and key considerations to help businesses succeed in overseas expansions. The session concluded by exploring collaboration models and potential business opportunities.

The session based on good practices sharing led to great interactions between

Aaron is a commercialization, communications, and tech expert serving clients since 1995. Since then, he has accrued over 20 years of founder experience in Vietnam – ABLINK and HATCH! for entrepreneurs in Vietnam in 2012. Aaron has been a top 2% rated mentor for Founder Institute since 2014.

Key Topics Covered:
Business Economics : Vietnam economy and growth
Business Navigation: Vietnam business practices and support to business
Business opportunities : Collaboration models and business opportunities.

Keen to find out more about Vietnam?
Feel free to reach out to geoworks@sla.gov.sg

Author: KILSA Global