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Licensed Data

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is the trusted centre for authoritative government geospatial data in Singapore. 

SLA offers geospatial data that are authoritative, accurate, granular, timely and localised via SLA products that include Licensed Data. 

Licensed Data can be used in sectors such as transport and logistics for real time fleet monitoring. 
The types of datasets available under SLA Licensed Data are: 
• SLA Street Directory
• SLA Address Point
• SLA Digitised Cadastral
• Land Base Road Network
• Land Base Building Outline


Industry Use Cases
SLA’s geospatial products have been adopted in several sectors in a variety of ways. These are:  

Real Estate: 
• Granular data from OneMap offers refined property search
• OneMap3D supports virtual property expo with a view of the surrounding areas 

Transport & Logistics
• The OneMap API, combined with Licensed Data, help ride-hailing companies verify their address points and routes for taxis 

• Telecommunication operators integrate cable plans with SLA's streetmap Licensed Data for highly accurate underground cable installation

Customer Case Study
ComfortDelGro Taxi and SLA’s Licensed Data
Using SLA data to deploy taxis more efficiently during peak hours

ComfortDelGro Use Case.png

ComfortDelGro Taxi uses SLA’s Licensed data combined with OneMap stack to serve their internal customers to verify amenities and POIs. This enables ComfortDelGro Taxi to serve their taxi drivers and deploy taxis more efficiently during peak hours. 

What does it solve?
With the OneMap stack installed on-premise, ComfortDelGro Taxi is able to utilise the OneMap APIs without any API call limits, enjoying the entire bandwidth based on the cloud resources they have. 

No call limits or bottlenecks
Without call limits, ComfortDelGro Taxi will not encounter any bottlenecks during peak holiday seasons, which allows for the smooth deployment of taxis during such peak hours. 

Users, such as ComfortDelGro Taxi, adopt SLA’s geospatial products as the data are highly accurate and granular. The SLA is considered a trusted centre for authoritative geospatial data.

Contact geoworks@sla.gov.sg to learn more.