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Leading technology company in Digitised Constructions

Current Product / Services
1. Ortho Photo clean-up services 
Replacing detected city elements with re-synthesized images

2. Safety & Scenario Planning for Construction and Site Improvements
Guide users with appropriate hazard warnings linked by requirements

3. Remote services for guidance, Audit, Quality & Assurance Control 
Remote assistance & guidance with AR technology

4. Aligned QR codes with upcoming development visualisations 
View upcoming developments with AR technology across different areas)

Product/Services to be launched with estimated date
1.   Multi-site visualisation with reality technologies (AR/VR) on the cloudAn immersive neighbourhood experience. 
< Estimated Launch Date: December 2021 >
2. Mobile applications for digital city collaboration, walkthroughs & interactionGet accurate measurements and other interactions virtually before communicating feedbacks to enhance city planning
< Estimated Launch Date: December 2021 >
3.  City space accessibility checks Route Planning for various vehicles, delivery partners and different abled groups
< Estimated Launch Date: June 2022 >