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SpaceTime Technology

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Navigational satellite systems and location-based services.

To Be Launched
1. Processing geospatial data with deep learning for image analysis processing 
Main functions 
- Ability to draw a map over map image, or convert CAD/JPG/PNG to map data
- SDK / Java Script API to allow easy application to WEB / Mobile
- Vector based editing. 

Target end 2021

2. Develop and provide precision address, all 1-Meter Grid has an unique address name 
This is a "Precision Addressing Platform". It is targeted to solve a variety of location related problems in Smart City. How this is done is to divide the world into a 1 meter grid and each grid has an Unique address. For example, Charging points precise location,  smart parking system where each parking lot is an unique address. 

Target end 2021