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Ent-vision AI and Geospatial Solutions for Shared 
Transport Services and Logistics Companies in Resource Utilisation.

Current Products / Services
1. Ent-Vision Intelligent Transport Management System (iTMS)
Most transport management systems focus on route planning, and require manual transport job planning and assignment. The operation is highly human dependent. Ent-Vision iTMS leverages on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise transport resource utilisation. Transport jobs are assigned automatically with consideration of vehicle capacity, driver’s performance, temperature requirement, type of goods etc. Coupled with optimal route planning, it greatly improves efficiency of transport resources as well as drivers’ productivity.  

2. Ent-Vision Intelligent Document Processing Automation
Manual processing of Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Delivery Orders is often labour intensive, time consuming and mind-numbing. Ent-Vision Intelligent Document Processing Automation is able to process incoming Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Delivery Order in different layout and file format (e.g. email free-text, Excel, PDF) and automatically generates quotation for clients or schedules transport job assignments. The solution is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). 

3. Ent-Vision Integrated Maritime Supplies Distribution (iMSD) Platform
Visibility in Maritime ecosystem is critical to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. However, downstream vessel arrival data at the port and upstream delivery information from logistics providers are isolated. Ent-Vision iMSD is a collaborative distribution platform for Ship Suppliers to optimise logistic resources by making upstream and downstream Maritime information visible, enabling logistic teams to consolidate port deliveries, reduce truck idle waiting time, and ease traffic congestion within port area.

4. Ent-Vision Central Data Platform
Every company sets up their own enterprise systems over time to serve different purposes. This often results in data silo, where different systems are not “talking” to each other. Ent-Vision Data Central Platform facilitates end-to-end data standardisation, consolidation, integration and exchange between various enterprise systems, allowing different systems to communicate with standardised data format for consistency, visibility and sound decision making.