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3D visualisation and analytics of location-based sensor data.

Current Products / Services
PTGEM is a real-time 3D visualization application that brings understanding / visibility to your IOTs 

Value proposition:
  • For Service Providers, their teams and their customers: a precise understanding of the location of information coming from connected objects (sensors, equipment, people) and time savings on the tasks of analyzing data from the IOT
  • For Platform Software Vendors: a technological brick of 3D and 4D visualization that can be easily integrated, at a price adapted to the IOT’s business model, giving an added value to their existing offer
Some of our video use cases on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxOc8X24VxqVUWTaUhFlHLQ

Our business model: Invoicing in the form of:
  • License: standard & advanced, no limit on the number of IOT, web
  • Onboarding services: light and operational digital twin, custom connectors and functionalities