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Congratulations to AGC 2022 Singapore National Level Winners

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Congratulations to the Singapore National Level winners of the ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2022. Teams CASSiopeia from the National University of Singapore and Year 2 DAE from Republic Polytechnic will now proceed to compete with other ASEAN teams in the region. A total of seven entries were received from Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore.

The ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2022: Geospatial Youth Edition brings youth in the ASEAN region together to use geospatial technology and information to support nations in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals. 

The challenge is organised by the Singapore Land Authority and supported by geospatial agencies from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. 

The ASEAN winners will be announced in March. Stay tuned!  #GeoYouth

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors -- AWS, Autodesk, CityData, Grab, HERE, Hexagon, Mogul.sg, NSCC, Singapore Land Authority, Trimble and Urbanetic.

Team: CASSiopeia
Team: CASSiopeia
IHL: National University of Singapore
Project: Uplifting Greenery: Proposing locations for urban rooftop gardens to maximise accessibility to green spaces in DKI Jakarta and Singapore

Project Description: By 2050, more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. Yet, urbanites are known to have hectic schedules and stressful lives, and studies have shown that they are frequently sufferers of the most severe mental illnesses. Could accessibility to green spaces be improved to improve health outcomes? In alignment with UNSDG 3 (Good Health and Well Being), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) & 13 (Climate Action), we propose equitably distributed locations of unutilised urban rooftops to be converted to gardens, in the cities of Jakarta and Singapore. Learn more here.

Team: Year 2 DAE
Team: Year 2 DAE
IHL: Republic Polytechnic
Project: All in one: App to guide and help elderly in their daily lives (eg. directions and information)

Project Description: Singapore has an ageing population. Among the elderly, many are not fully educated and can mostly speak only their own dialects. Many may not have a smartphone to check the phone apps to do their daily necessities tasks in shopping, transportation and getting the latest news update. It is with this need, we see the necessity to have an app with a map based on their locations that can guide and help the elderlies in their daily lives when they are outside their home, especially if they are lost or need directions and information. Features in the app should be friendly and easy to use and must have multiple on-screen languages and dialects which the elderlies can listen to when they are using it. It should also allow customisation based on the elderly preference on dialect group, age and large display wordings and notifications. Learn more here.

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