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Meet a GeoWorks GeoTech: Lineable Inc.

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In this series of “Meet a GeoWorks GeoTech”, we speak with Tyler Moon, CEO of Lineable Inc, who tells us about his company and products including the Lineable Band, a wearable technology that keeps track of the whereabouts of children.

Tell us about your company and its solutions
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Lineable is a hardware-based company that is focused on creating smart, connected solutions to help families protect and prevent potential problems. The Lineable Marker serves to improve existing geolocation infrastructure by creating a smart IoT-fied environment, thus enabling the Lineable Bands to be widely deployed as connected wearables.

What is something about your company that the general public might not know about?
The Lineable Band has been used by customers in over 80 countries, and in 2017, UNICEF had chosen our product as a “Wearable For Good.” We continue to demonstrate how wearable technology can be used to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing children and the elderly, and we are continuously working to solve this challenge.

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The Lineable Band can be tracked in real time by the Lineable App. 

What are some challenges you have faced in your work?
To quote James Park, the founder of Fitbit, “making hardware is hard.” The level of precision required to create a great product is quite demanding, from sourcing the right materials and finding the right vendors to work together with. It’s definitely a challenging process, but one that we hope will be rewarding in the end.

How has your experience with GeoWorks been?
Partners in the GeoWorks community have been very helpful, providing us with the support we need and also inspiring us to think differently. Also, having a physical space to operate in Singapore - made possible by GeoWorks - is a tremendous boost to our operations. We are looking forward to advancing our partnership with GeoWorks, and to create a truly innovative geospatial solution that can benefit more people.

How does geospatial technology help you in your work?
For both the Lineable Band and the Marker, geospatial technology is at the core of what we do. We rely on geospatial technology to provide accurate location-based services, and to create solutions to help the children and the elderly. The Lineable Marker, in particular, seeks to transform the land markers into “smart sensors” that would enable more devices to be connected.

Are there any challenges that come with working with geospatial technology?
One of the biggest challenges we face in creating an effective solution is changing the traditional land survey markers into IoT platforms. Transforming these markers into IoT-fied survey points would potentially allow users to bypass relying on traditional technology like the GPS, and free us to use various emerging geospatial technologies.

In your opinion, what skills are needed to work in the geospatial industry?
There are many, but we would like to highlight three skills: 
  • Awareness of what problems exist in the urban environment
  • Curiosity about other emerging technologies that might lead to an entirely different solution
  • Imagination to dream up new ways to change/expand the current use of physical space

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
From what we’ve observed, having a growth mindset is key for entrepreneurs. We believe successful entrepreneurs preach and practice lifelong learning. Learning new skills, learning what works and what doesn’t, and learning that entrepreneurship is a non-stop process to create something better.