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Grange Road car park to be transformed into dynamic event space

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Regular activities and experiential offerings to enliven

Somerset area as part of Orchard Road plans

Singapore, 4th October 2019 – The Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) will launch a Price and Quality tender later this month to appoint an operator to transform the car park at Grange Road (“Grange Road site”) into a dedicated and dynamic event space with complementary commercial offerings. This is part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the current suite of lifestyle and experiential offerings on Orchard Road.

This tender follows STB and URA’s trial for innovative lifestyle concepts through various pop-up events at the car park, with the first event – Flashbang street market – having taken place in December 2017. To date, six events have been held, with one more planned for the year-end festive period (see Annex A for details). These events have brought differentiated retail, dining, entertainment and lifestyle experiences to the Somerset area, and have enlivened Orchard Road. The appointment of an operator through this tender will see more regular activities in this space, thus injecting greater street-level vibrancy into the precinct.

A new plug-and-play event space

With a site area of 4,482 square metres, the Grange Road site will be converted into a plug-and-play event space, to support a diverse range of lifestyle offerings on Orchard Road. As a centrepiece in the Somerset area, the space will inject buzz and vibrancy to Orchard Road and appeal to a wide audience.

Visitors can look forward to events and activities throughout the year as the event space will play host to both commercial and non-commercial events offering differentiated retail, dining and entertainment experiences. Examples include flea markets, pop-up attractions, local entertainment and food trucks – all of which are expected to complement the existing youthful vibe of the Somerset sub-precinct.

New public space for enjoyment

On non-event days, the event space will be an area for public enjoyment. Visitors can look forward to open spaces with greenery and interesting street furniture. Please refer to Annex B for the location plan.

Price and Quality tender for greater emphasis on offerings

The tender will be in the form of Price and Quality, with a higher weightage on the latter, as it allows for a more holistic assessment of proposals. The aim is to invite ideas for new, innovative lifestyle concepts, as well as a well-designed multi-functional space that can host a wide range of exciting events, and serve as a delightful public space for social gatherings at Orchard Road.

The tender will be launched by end October 2019 and the successful tenderer will be awarded a tenure of 3+3+3 years to construct, manage and programme the site from 1 March 2020. As such, the car park will cease operations on 29 February 2020. Interested parties may email  SLA_Pty_Enquiry@sla.gov.sg to register their interest, or refer to this website for more information: SPIO http://www.sla.gov.sg/spio.

Issued by

Singapore Land Authority 

Singapore Tourism Board

Urban Redevelopment Authority 

4 Oct 2019

Annex A - Pop-up events at Grange Road car park





Dec 2017




Oct-Nov 2018

Zombie Attack

Unearthed Productions


Nov 2018

Made in Singapore Creators Market



Jun 2019

The GREAT Singapore Street Pop-Up

Part of GSS: Experience Singapore

Singapore Retailers Association


Sep 2019




Sep 2019

Festival of Speed

Legion of Racers


Nov-Dec 2019

Christmas Village

Orchard Road Business Association

Annex B – Location plan

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