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Acquisition of Land


Private land may at times be acquired for public purposes such as economic and infrastructure developments and public programmes. Land acquisition in Singapore is governed by the Land Acquisition Act, and SLA is responsible for its administration.
Given that Singapore is so densely built-up, acquisition of land for public purposes is unavoidable. At SLA, we work very closely with other public agencies to keep acquisition to a minimum. Landowners whose lands are acquired are paid market value compensation under the Land Acquisition Act. We are committed to walk the journey with the affected landowners and to support them throughout the acquisition process.


Notice of Acquisition  

Landowners will receive this notice, which states the particulars of the property to be acquired and the date of the Collector's Inquiry.

Collector’s Inquiry 

At this inquiry, the Collector will obtain information to assess the compensation amount. Landowners may also submit their claims to the Collector at this point
Collector’s Award 

The Collector's Award is a document issued by the Collector, that indicates the compensation amount awarded for the acquisition of the land or property
Payment of Compensation 
and Site Possession 

The payment is made to the Landowner when the Collector takes possession of the acquired land or property.

Appeal Process

If the Landowner is not satisfied with the Collector's Award, he/she may lodge an appeal with the Appeals Board. Do note that the payment of compensation to the owner and the handing over of the land or property, will not affect the ongoing appeal process.