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Map our World

About Map Our World

A geospatial awareness program organized by Singapore Land Authority in collaboration with Ministry of Education. Map Our World consists of four exciting segments: Geospatial Workshop, Job Shadowing, Map Contest and Map Judging.

Map Our World aims to equip local students with geospatial skills as well as to inspire local students to join the geospatial & geomatics industry by offering students a taste of life as a geospatial and geomatics professional. Map Our World is supported by Bentley Systems, Esri, Leica Geosystems, Maxar, SISV & Trimble.

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Geospatial Workshop

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of geospatial technology in our one-day geospatial workshop. Gather insights into geodata collection, processing, analysis. & visualization. Interact with renowned industry partners and gain practical expertise.

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Job Shadowing

Embark on a unique journey as a geospatial professional through job shadowing with Bentley Systems, Esri, Leica Geosystems, Maxar, SISV & Trimble. Observe firsthand how geospatial technologies are applied in our daily lives.

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Map Contest

Create a more sustainable future with maps. Identify a sustainability challenge or effort that can be linked to UN’s SDG and then produce a map-based solution.  

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MOW 2023: Submission by Group 4 - this map promotes sustainable living to Singaporeans by highlighting green buildings, parks, waterbodies and MRT stations.


MOW 2023: Submission by Group 5 – this map aims to raise flash floods awareness in Singapore by highlighting flood prone areas.


Map Judging

Present your map to our panel of renowned judges. Stand a chance to win a S$500 cash voucher and tickets to Geo Connect Asia - an exhibition and conference for the geospatial, positioning, digital construction, and remote sensing markets. 

MOW 2023: Virtual Map Judging Session


MOW 2023: Award presentation at GeoConnect Asia, Marina Bay Sands