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SLA leads the development of geospatial information, platforms and capabilities to support Whole-of-Nation needs.


The Singapore Geospatial Masterplan drives Singapore's national geospatial development, maximising the impact of geospatial information and technology for the economy and wider society.

The latest iteration, published in 2024, is co-driven by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). It is a collaborative and visionary undertaking, bringing together both the land and sea towards transforming Singapore into ‘A Leading Global Geospatial Hub’. This will be done via the three following strategies:


Maximising the potential of geospatial by embedding its adoption in mainstream society. Target sectors include the social, healthcare, and economic sectors, with initiatives     promoting inclusivity, preventive healthcare and innovation.

Deepening Capabilities 

Enhancing core geospatial capabilities to address increasing demand. This includes strengthening data infrastructure, fostering innovation and building education pathways     and talent pipelines.

Going Global

Positioning Singapore as a leading geospatial player through international engagements, partnerships, and events. Initiatives include contributing to global    geospatial development, strengthening partnerships and hosting flagship geospatial conferences and events.

Read about the Singapore Geospatial Master Plan here: