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We believe in providing internship opportunities to students with a keen interest in SLA’s work, as a means of discovering and developing young talents at an early stage.

What to Expect?

As an SLA intern, you will be involved in dealing with challenging issues, guided by experienced SLA officers. You will gain a better understanding of SLA’s functions, as well as learn more about the real estate industry. You will also gain valuable skills and knowledge and get a head start in the preparation for your future career.


We encourage you to join us all year round!
For a meaningful and fruitful learning experience, we recommend joining us on an internship stint of at least 3 months. 

Live your passion with us today!

What are you hesitating for? Be part of our multi-disciplinary team. Seize the challenge to contribute to the social and economic development of Singapore today!

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For enquiries on SLA recruitment/scholarship/internship matters, please email us at: SLA_RECRUIT@SLA.GOV.SG

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  • Geospatial Internship
  • Land Survey Internship
  • Leasing Internship
  • Land Operations Internship
  • Legal and Regulatory Internship
  • Internal Audit and Finance Internship
Explore the use of various geospatial technologies to create innovative solutions such as OneMap, which tackle real-world challenges and help to improve the delivery of our public services.
Explore the use of new technologies to develop an integrated land administration system that stores various sources of map data, cadastre information, topographical survey data, and 3D city map models. These aid visualisation and analysis, which contributes to decision making and policy formulation.
Embark on an exciting journey with our leasing division where you get first-hand experience on managing some of our State properties and Black and White Bungalows. Explore new ways to engage our potential tenants and showcase the unique features of our State properties.
Join the Land Operations team to learn more about how SLA manages land acquisition and sales. Be involved in identifying best practices for land and estate management.
Gain a broader perspective and knowledge of the procedures under the various legislations administered by SLA. You will get to work closely with our Legal Counsels to provide legal advice on policy and operational issues and assist in legal research or legal policy projects.
Put your accounting knowledge into practice with our Finance and Internal Audit divisions, where you will get to perform audit procedures, review reconciliations and be involved in projects.


We gained a better understanding of some of the start-ups and multinational companies at Geoworks, and I began to appreciate the diversity of applications that geospatial data has - ranging from school transport arrangements, property search portals, and to even the exciting future of drones and air taxis in Singapore. This also made me realise the importance of geospatial data in many future developments that aim to improve the standard of living of societies. 

Fang Yi Hang | Geospatial Intern 
MOE Geography Talent Programme 
Raffles Institution 

This internship made me more aware of the existence of the geospatial sector. I had learned how to use the Geographical Information System (GIS) and understood how the system can be invaluable in analysis for many data sets, and how can the use of GIS be a complement in the teaching of content-based subjects like Geography and History. 

Lee Kat Kiat Ivan | Geospatial Intern
MOE Geography Talent Programme
Victoria Junior College
I was given the opportunity to rotate in different departments to learn about the various types of work SLA is involved in as well as its importance as a regulatory body in Singapore. The internship provided me with an invaluable exposure to the regulatory side of real estate practice. As an intern, it was truly heart-warming to be given so much guidance from my mentors and colleaguess and be so welcomed in the organisation. 

Lau Tin Yi | Legal Intern 
Bachelor in Law 
National University of Singapore