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Acts of Parliament that are relevant to SLA in the discharge of its functions and powers are listed below:

  1. Boundaries and Survey Maps Act 1988
    • An Act to provide for the demarcation of land, the establishment and maintenance of boundary marks and the publication of certain survey maps.


  1. Foreshores Act 1920
    • An Act to provide for reclamations and to validate and facilitate leases or grants of foreshores and submerged lands


  1. Land Acquisition Act 1966
    • An Act to provide for the acquisition of land for public and certain other specified purposes, the assessment of compensation to be made on account of such acquisition and for purposes connected therewith.

  1. Land Betterment Charge Act 2021
    • An Act to provide for the imposition and collection of a tax on the increase in the value of land resulting from a chargeable consent given in relation to land.


  1. Land Revenue Collection Act 1940
    • An Act to provide for the collection of land revenue.

  3. Land Surveyors Act 1991
    • An Act to establish the Land Surveyors Board, to provide for the registration of land surveyors, to regulate the qualifications and practice of land surveyors and to regulate corporations, partnerships and limited liability partnerships which supply survey services in Singapore.


  1. Land Titles (Strata) Act 1967
    • An Act to facilitate the subdivision of land into strata and the collective sale of property, and the disposition of titles thereto and for purposes connected therewith.


  1. Land Titles Act 1993
    • An Act which makes provision for the registration of titles to land.


  1. Registration of Deeds Act 1988
    • An Act relating to the registration of deeds.


  1. Residential Property Act 1976
    • An Act to restrict the purchase or transfer of residential properties (including vacant land) to citizens of Singapore and approved purchasers, and to provide for matters connected therewith.


  1. Singapore Land Authority Act 2001
    • An Act to establish and incorporate the Singapore Land Authority, to provide for its functions and powers, and for matters connected therewith.


  1. State Lands Act 1920
    • An Act to regulate the sale and occupation of State lands.


  1. State Lands Encroachments Act 1883
    • An Act to deal with encroachments on State lands.

Please note that the legislation hyperlinks on this website are provided with the permission of the Government of Singapore. Acts of Parliament are available without charge, and updated monthly, on the Statutes Online website (https://sso.agc.gov.sg)