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TNO’s Vision for Sustainable Urban Development

March 11, 2020
TNO, a GeoWorks GeoTech from Amsterdam demonstrated their Urban Strategy platform for Urban Digital Twinning at a seminar at GeoWorks on 10th March 2020. TNO and GeoWorks collaborate and work together on traffic and transport and industry connections.


Jeroen Borst, TNO’s Program Manager Digitalisation, gave a talk on how its Urban strategy platform enables cities to incorporate New Urban Mobility. During the session many challenge statements in the urban ecosystem were addressed and discussed from both the Netherlands & Singaporean perspectives. For example: the unregulated introduction of AVs may lead to a significant shift towards car-based mobility and an increase in traffic congestion and pollution.



TNO’s approach to tackle these environmental issues is by using its Urban Strategy, a data-driven digital platform for holistic urban planning and design. This enables cities to strategically plan and manage New Urban Mobility in relation to its environmental impact. With the aid of the Internet of Things, Urban Strategy can support the plan-do-check-act cycle in integrated city planning and management. Through this, TNO’s Urban Strategy enables the assessment of the impact of New Urban Mobility on environmental and spatial impact, modal shift and road use.

Curious to find out more? Have a look at https://www.tno.nl/en/focus-areas/traffic-transport/

The seminar was a success and thanks to all who attended the seminar!