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AIRmaker 2020 Thematic Problem Statement Call for Innovation for Intelligent Estates

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Welcome to Smart Urban Co-innovation Lab

Who are we?
AIRmaker is created by CapitaLand of Singapore and Runyang Group of Shenzhen, China to deliver co-innovation services that include the capacity to develop, curate and stitch projects and communities of companies to solve the needs of the industries in Singapore and internationally.

AIRmaker is the operator of the Smart Urban CoInnovation Lab, Singapore’s first developer-led, industry agnostic, smart cities platform, that is supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore, Enterprise Singapore (ESG), and CapitaLand. It aims to build and enable integrated communities of players to discover, develop, demonstrate and deploy smart city solutions sustainably.

What we do?
As a demand-driven platform seeking to catalyse co-innovation, and seed new market opportunities, our Problem Statement grant calls for collaboration have received encouraging participation from industry champions and technology solution providers alike, both local and overseas.
Especially our endeavours to follow-through with facilitating proof-of-concepts and supporting deployment, including encouraging strategic partnerships between companies to leverage their complementary strengths.

Co-innovate with us! 
Our next thematic call will be “Innovations to Enhance Safety and Operations of Intelligent Estates”. We will be presenting a collection of problem statements from industry champions like CapitaLand and GeoWorks. We wish to select one or more technology solution provider(s) per subject to address the problem statements holistically. These solutions should be sustainable and scalable.

Thematic Problem Statement Calls:
1. Post COVID Meeting Spaces for Construction related meetings
2. Virtual/Augmented Reality in Intelligent Estates
3. Drones for Façade & Site Inspection
4. Contactless Floor Selection in Lifts
5. Lift Analytics and Lift Preventive Maintenance
6. Universal Robot & Lift Integration
7. Minimised Contact In-room Experience 
8. Automatic Toilet Bowl Cover Flusher/Cleaner 
9. Multi-function cleaning and sanitization robots 
10.Wide coverage air sanitization solutions 
11.Surface sanitization solutions 
12.Updating and Maintenance of 3D Maps using cost effective IoT Devices and AI Algorithms 
13.Barrier Free Access (BFA) Routing 
14.Navigation / Wayfinding using AR 
15.Indoor navigation / wayfinding 
16.New 5G geospatial applications 

All technology solution providers are welcomed to rise and meet the challenges. 
Successful companies will have the opportunity to execute pilots with respective industry champions and be supported by grants from iMDA and ESG.

Launch: 3rd Nov 2020 @ 3.00pm
Submission of Solutions: Dec 2020
Selection and Announcement of Technology Providers: Dec 2020 / Jan 2021
Award Ceremony for Technology Providers: Jan 2021 (Tentative)

Visit AIRmaker website for more information: www.airmaker.sg