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GeoWorks ArtJam Team Bonding

November 8, 2019
In the name of bonding, the GeoWorks team had a three-hour-long art jam during the 1st of November for a fun and relaxing afternoon.


Blank canvases and a judgment-free zone helped us relax and express our creativity in paint.


All kinds of paintings were produced given we were free to paint whatever we liked.


This resulted in the blossoming of artistic talents within our team.

To satisfy the curiosity of the staff from The Fun Empire facilitating the art jam, we were also presented with the task of using painting to visually express the concept of Geospatial, having been divided into different groups.


While we were free to paint whatever we wanted, some groups decided to give it their all in the assigned task. They truly showed the meaning of collaboration and teamwork by assembling their paintings together in a collage to create a large piece of artwork.


Plenty of art was produced within the span of those few hours, as well as lots of new memories and shared experiences. It was a great way to unwind at the end the week and embodied the spirit of TGIF.

Let's do this again sometime!