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GeoWorks' GeoInnovation Programme

Are you a GeoTech startup or scale-up? GeoTechs are companies who utilise location-based tech or mapping tools or services in their products, services or platform. If you meet any of the above requirements, you could qualify to be part of our GeoWorks' GeoInnovation Programme. Find out more on how to join our GeoWorks community!

GeoWorks Community: 
GeoTech: Geospatial startups and scale-ups enrolled in the GeoInnovation Programme facilitated by GeoWorks
GeoPartner: Geospatial content, solutions & services companies in partnership with GeoWorks
GeoAffiliate: Organisations that help us create our vibrant geospatial community across various industries and specialisations
GeoMember: A wider network who are directly or indirectly linked, or provide services to the GeoCommunity

GeoWorks’ programmes aim to:

1. Promote Business Growth

  • Advance the use of geospatial in sector users through awareness and marketing programmes.
  • Facilitate the establishment of local and global geospatial companies

2. Drive Innovation

  • Develop programmes to encourage innovative solutions to address challenges by sector users.
  • Support development of emerging technology solutions by innovators through the sharing of expertise and resources.

3. Foster a Well-connected Community

  • Connect diverse stakeholders to align common interests through events and programmes.

GeoInnovation Programme Members can expect to: 
  • Participate in industry talks, workshops and training sessions 
  • Network with like-minded community members, young and established start-ups, industry experts and government officials in the geospatial field
  • Participate in trade shows, overseas trade missions and learn from business leaders about their entrepreneurial experiences

View our list of our GeoTechs and GeoPartners here!
Queries? Contact us at GeoWorks@sla.gov.sg