Annex E: NUS Msc Applied GIS & NYP Professional Development Course

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Annex E: NUS Msc Applied GIS & NYP Professional Development Course

A.           National University of Singapore: Master of Science in Applied Geographic Information Systems

The programme of Master of Science in Applied Geographic Information Systems (hereafter MSc in Applied GIS), a single-degree coursework Master’s programme hosted in Department of Geography at NUS, is designed to reflect the cutting-edge technologies and latest developments in GIS and its applications with the reputation of NUS Geography as one of the top 10 geography departments around the world. This innovative programme provides an exciting opportunity for the prospective students to study at NUS, the top university in Asia, as a pathway to a PhD or further practical career in applied GIS or related disciplines.

The programme offers two tracks of training (Thesis Track and Project Track). The Thesis Track includes a research thesis component, which covers thesis preparation (GE5225) and the GIS research thesis itself (GE6225). It aims to attract students with interests in applied GIS research and developing their research skills. The Project Track includes a GIS project component (GE6226). It aims to attract students who require practical GIS skills or an upgrade to their existing GIS expertise to progress their careers.

Who Should Apply:

Anyone working on GIS and its applications, e.g. government agencies, private sectors, will find the programme useful. Professionals related but not limited to nature resources management, environment/disaster monitoring and assessment, demographic analysis, public health, utility and facility management, criminal investigation, and business marketing will benefit a lot from the programme!


The first cohort will begin August 2016. The application deadlines are 31 March every year (to begin in August). Application through Graduate Admission System is encouraged:


Full-time students will study over three semesters, which start in Semester 1 (August–November), continue in Semester 2 (January–April), and end in Semester “3” (comprising the two Special Terms and running from May to July). Students will take modules during the first two semesters and produce a thesis (for Thesis Track) or a project report (for Project Track) during the third semester.

More details can be found at:

B.           Nanyang Polytechnic: Professional Development Course -  Developing Spatially-Enabled Android/iOS Apps Using OneMap

In September 2015, the School of IT in Nanyang Polytechnic will be running a professional development course that is designed for developers and enthusiasts who would like to develop apps with geospatial capabilities on the Android platform, with plans for the iOS platform in the future. Participants will be introduced to geospatial fundamentals and equipped with skills to perform geospatial analysis and visualization.  More details can be found at: