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Tender for State Properties

SLA-managed properties, comprising mainly premises previously used for schools, community centres and camps, are generally available for rental through an open tender. Agent-managed properties, mainly residential and commercial, can be rented directly from the agents.

The tenure for State properties varies. Some are rented out through tenancies where the tenure depends on the development time-frame for the properties, while others are rented out through Temporary Occupation Licenses (TOLs). TOLs either cover a fixed short term or are renewable on a monthly or yearly basis.

View our State properties available for rental and make an on-line request for a site show-around at State Property Information Online (SPIO).


Prospective sub-tenants of State properties are strongly encouraged to conduct due diligence checks on the main tenant before committing themselves to a sub-tenancy agreement. Please request for the following documents or information:

  • SLA’s written consent for sub-tenancy
  • List of approved uses for the property
  • Quantum for the percentage of approved use
  • Tenure of the property
  • Prospective sub-tenants should also seek legal advice before signing any sub-tenancy agreements.


Prospective tenderers are advised to bid according to their assessment of the rent they are willing and able to pay. Past tender awards are provided to help you in your assessment.

View award listing from 2004.

No addition and alteration work are to be undertaken without the prior written approval of SLA and the relevant authorities. The tenant should engage professionals to submit plans, drawings and calculations to the relevant authorities for approval, before any addition and alteration works begins. Rentals may be revised following the completion of such work.

Successful tenderers are not allowed to sublet the properties without approval from SLA in writing, unless expressly provided for in the tenancy agreements.


Click here for the steps to participate in tender for State properties.