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Safeguarding State Land and Properties

As custodians of State Land and State Property, SLA needs to safeguard State Land and Property to prevent any misuse. SLA plays a key role in built environment management by investigating, managing and attending to reported encroachment cases or feedbacks. 

Our Enforcement Officer, Muhammed Bin Ismail was interviewed by Mothership in 2018. He candidly shared what we do daily and some of our interesting discoveries. Click here to view the video.


Physical structures extending onto State Land or the use and/or occupation of State Land without permission

General Guidelines


Do not store or place items on State land, especially in back lanes so as not to obstruct area cleaning and emergency rescue efforts

Do not fence up State land back lanes or areas beyond private boundaries to prevent obstruction

Do check with your nearest Community Centre for venues allocated for planting and farming

Refer to this pamphlet for more details 


I’m unsure if my private property is encroaching on State Land. What can I do?

Property owners can do the necessary check with Singapore Land Authority or engage a Registered Surveyor to confirm their boundary line. 

What can I do if my property is encroaching on State Land?

If an encroachment is detected, property owners can write in to SLA to verify if it can be regularised. The request will be assessed based on the consideration that the encroachment does not pose any safety, inconvenience, negative externalities to the public and constraint to future development.

Singapore Land Authority
          Encroachment and Enforcement
          55 Newton Road #12-01
          Revenue House
          Singapore 307987
Contact number: 1800-323-9829

Are outdoor refreshment display areas operating on State Land allowed?

Businesses are required to confine their activities (including sitting and display areas) within their premises.

Operators must obtain planning permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for outdoor refreshment/display areas on State land before applying to SLA for a Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL).