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Charmingly Changi Ideas Competition


Explore the winning ideas to enhance the rustic charm of Changi Point 

Members of the public were invited to propose creative ideas to build on the unique identity of Changi Point and enhance the district as a heritage and recreational node along the Greater Rustic Coast for the competition held from April to June 2021.

Organised by the Singapore Land Authority and Urban Redevelopment Authority, we received a total of 134 submissions and selected 12 entries as winners in various categories as well as awarded an additional commendation award.

Participants were invited to submit proposals under the following topics:

Topic 1: Concept Master Plan for Changi Point

Participants were challenged to formulate a broad concept master plan to guide the enhancement of Changi Point. A balance should be achieved between retaining the quiet, laid-back, and rustic character of the local area and enabling enhancements that will increase the attractiveness and appreciation of Changi Point. This concept master plan should provide a clear and coherent structure for the enhancement of Changi Point as an attractive recreational and heritage node with its own distinct identity.

Open Category Winners

First Prize: Changi Point: Nature & Nurturing by April Valle and Artlheene Rivera  

Nature  Nurturing by April Valle and Artlheene Rivera.png

2nd Prize: Point in Time by Shubin + Tan Landscape Architecture (in collaboration with Zhang Yifei, Zhong Yixin, Ruiee Dhuri, Poornima Bargotra, Pang Yu Rong)

Point in Time.jpg

3rd Prize: Climate Ready Changi by Siura Studio’s Anton Siura, Carissa Chin and Natania Priska

Climate Ready Changi.jpg

Commendation award: Co-creating Changi: People First Approach by Arijit Dhar, Jay Bhanushali, Naveen Pahal, Snehal Patil and Yash Siroliya
Co creating Changi People First Approach.jpg

Tertiary Category Winners

1st Prize: Hide and Seek by Hong Mengyi, Huang Xi, Li Xi and Li Wanying (National University of Singapore)

Hide and Seek.jpg

2nd Prize:  A Changi Point of View by Naja Surattee, Sean Lee, Ian Chng and Lawrence Xi (University College London)

A Changi Point of View.png

3rd PrizeIdyllic Changi by Chan Qiu Qing, Jeremy Jee, Lee Kah Hui and Teoh Xin Yi (National University of Singapore, University of Tokyo, Waseda University)

Idyllic Changi.png

Topic 2: Repurposing of Old Changi Hospital

Participants were to present innovative ideas to repurpose the Old Changi Hospital to give it a new lease of life while retaining the architectural features of the buildings.

Open Category Winners

First prize: Ascending to the Sky by Bryan Lee Jia En, Foo Jing Xi, Hailey Su Lei Yadanar and Matthew Goh Xinzhi (National University of Singapore, University of New South Wales)

Ascending to the Sky.jpg

2nd prize: The Terracademy by Liquid Earth Pte. Ltd’s William Kwan-Terry and Jason Yeang

The Terracademy.jpg

3rd prize: The Stride @ Changi by WY-TO’s Yann Follain, Yi Heng Kuan and Johaqqis Johari

The Stride Changi.jpg

Tertiary Category Winners

First prize: Verdant Village @ Changi by Tracy Tai, Eve Lee Shi, Leong Yue Qi and Lim Qilei, Daniel (National University of Singapore)

Verdant Village  Changi.png

2nd Prize: A Learning Center for Heritage and Sustainability: A Journey through the Past, Present, and Future by Ryan Quah Kun Hao, Tang Wei, Choy Rui Zhi and Gregory Wong Jia Wei (National University of Singapore)

A Learning Centre for Heritage and Sustainability.jpg

3rd Prize:  Jalan Jalan by Shawn Peck, Jence Helin Caballa, Onn Ying Jia and Darien Wu Junhan (National University of Singapore)

Jalan Jalan.png