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Seah Im Food Centre to Reopen on 13 March 2023

Patrons can look forward to the return of popular food stalls, a brand-new dining environment and upgraded amenities.


    Seah Im Food Centre (SIFC), popular among Singaporeans working around the Harbourfront area, will reopen on 13 March 2023. Patrons can look forward to a brand-new dining environment with new tables and stools, new toilets, an upgraded ventilation system and the installation of new fans.

2    The food centre, which closed in September 2022 for six months of upgrading works, will see the return of 38 cooked food and drink stalls, and 6 non-food stalls. Patrons to SIFC, managed by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), will enjoy a cleaner and breezier dining environment, as each SIFC stall has been fitted with a new exhaust hood to better remove airborne grease, smoke and heat. Returning stall owners have been retrofitting their stalls since February 2023 and SIFC will be operational from 13 March 2023.

3    There are 6 vacant cooked food stalls and 10 non-food stalls which will be progressively launched for bidding in April 2023. Interested parties can look out for available units on SLA’s leasing portal at http://www.sla.gov.sg/spio. SIFC is currently operated and maintained by SLA’s managing agent, Knight Frank Property Asset Management Pte Ltd (“KFPAM”). Stallholders and interested parties can contact the KFPAM or SLA if they have any enquiries.

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Issued by:

The Singapore Land Authority

28 February 2023