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I love ‘Chong Pang City’ Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Yishun New Town will be rejuvenated with ‘Chong Pang City’ a new 0.9 hectare, seven-storey integrated development with smart, green features, ample community spaces and diverse programmes to serve all ages.


26 March 2023 – A groundbreaking ceremony for the new 0.9 hectare seven-storey integrated development named Chong Pang City in Yishun New Town was held today. The new Chong Pang City will rejuvenate the 40-year-old neighbourhood and meet the increasing diverse needs of its residents, with a wide range of new facilities in this inclusive multi-generational hub. The development will house the Chong Pang Community Club, Chong Pang Hawker Centre and Market, swimming pools, jogging track, fitness studios, a gym and a variety of shops including a supermarket. There will also be ample parking for cars and bicycles. Chong Pang City, which is developed and managed by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), is expected to be completed in 2027 and will be greensmart and inclusive. Please refer to Annex A for the artist’s impressions of Chong Pang City and its facilities.


2        Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam who is also Adviser to Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency Grassroots Organisations, joined over 700 grassroots leaders and residents at the groundbreaking ceremony for Chong Pang City on Sunday morning. To connect with residents in the wider Yishun neighbourhood, two-way ‘live’ streaming between the main ceremony at the Chong Pang City site and seven satellite sites saw lively interactions among Yishun residents, as they celebrate the groundbreaking event with fun-filled games and activities. Please refer to Annex B for the detailed factsheet.  


3        “The groundbreaking of Chong Pang City is a part of our exciting redevelopment of Chong Pang and Nee Soon. We've listened to what residents want, and the new development will reflect that: new sports facilities, pools, community club, a new hawker centre and more parking spaces. Together with plans for the new community plaza, Chong Pang City is going to be a best-in-class town centre, a focal point for the community, for residents from Chong Pang, Yishun and those living in the North.”  said Mr K Shanmugam.


4        SLA Chief Executive, Colin Low, said, “We envision Chong Pang City to be an inclusive, green and smart hub for Chong Pang and Yishun. We have designed for it to be naturally ventilated and energy efficient. We are planning to promote recycling at the new development and to encourage our tenants to incorporate green initiatives into their business operations through green leases. This is aligned with SLA’s objective of driving sustainable land and space use. As the National Geospatial Agency, SLA has also leveraged on our geospatial capabilities to improve the user experience for Chong Pang City’s visitors. For example, they could use OneMap for general wayfinding and to check nearby amenities from Chong Pang City.” 


Inclusive community space for all

5        When Chong Pang City is completed, Yishun residents can participate in community, social and leisure activities all under one roof with the sports facilities, hawker choices, shops, study corners, community gardens, and joint agency programmes catering to residents of all age groups. Residents will also be welcomed to co-create and contribute ideas to the various programmes. As an inclusive community node, Chong Pang City will feature universal design principles that are senior and handicapped friendly, such as barrier-free accessibility and swimming pools with ramp. There will also be a community garden for residents to bond and enjoy urban greenery together.


Smart Chong Pang City

6        The building will incorporate smart features to improve energy savings and sustainability. SLA will also be developing a Digital Twin for the management and maintenance of Chong Pang City to achieve smart facilities management objectives i.e., to improve productivity and enhance service delivery. There will be remote and real-time monitoring of building and equipment performance using sensors. The use of sensors and Artificial Intelligence will aid SLA in better predictive and preventive maintenance and management of the facilities, thereby reducing reliance on manpower while improving facilities management of Chong Pang City.


7        To reduce carbon footprint and promote healthy living, SLA already has cycling routes around Chong Pang and the Nee Soon vicinity on OneMap, an integrated app and online platform that provides reliable, timely and accurate location-based information and services to the public. Visitors can use OneMap (www.Onemap.gov.sg) to discover nearby municipal services and amenities around Chong Pang City and surrounding neighbourhoods.


Green building and programmes

8        SLA has designed a green building to maximise ventilation and daylight in Chong Pang City, through incorporating the use of energy-efficient technology and equipment to reduce energy consumption. SLA will work with the co-locating partners of the development, comprising the People’s Association, Sport Singapore and the National Environment Agency to explore possible community and engagement programmes that promote public awareness of green initiatives. 


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Issued by:

The Singapore Land Authority

People's Association

26 March 2023