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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Innovation Challenge Award Ceremony

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Winning concept: A navigational tool using high precision satellite positioning system to provide movement assistance and monitoring
for the elderly and visually impaired

        The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL) has announced the winning team for the inaugural Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Innovation Challenge 2021.

        The winning concept proposal of the GeNuiSS cane is designed to provide high-accuracy tracking and monitoring to its user. This navigational tool leverages precise GNSS technology provided by SLA’s Singapore Satellite Positioning Reference Network (SiReNT) to provide outdoor and indoor movement assistance and monitoring to aid the visually impaired. The concept was submitted by team Twinkle, a group comprising four girls from Victoria Junior College.

        Eunoia Junior College’s team NUT was awarded the Most Creative Award with their integration of SiReNT-enabled precise GNSS technology into a wearable tracking device complemented by a pair of smart spectacles. The team’s futuristic presentation captivated the judges at the preliminary and final judging rounds.

        The GNSS Innovation Challenge was launched on 25 February 2021 to offer polytechnic and tertiary students an opportunity to use high-precision satellite positioning system in the creation of a wearable location-tracking solution to assist in the care of the elderly, individuals with special needs, and even pets.

        The competition attracted over 11 participating teams, with four teams shortlisted as finalists to receive intensive GNSS Challenge mentorship provided by SLA. The four teams were mentored to perfect their product model, value proposition, business model and pitch. The mentorship provided industry insights and exposure to aid in the refinement of their proposed solution with the end goal of realising their product.

        The judging panel of the challenge comprised experts from a variety of background, with expertise in geomatics, technology-based solutioning and space technologies. The panellist included SLA Survey & Geomatics Director Dr Victor Khoo, SpaceAge Labs CEO Mr Deepak Pitta, and SSTL Chairman Mr Jonathan Hung,

        SLA Chief Executive Colin Low said, “Experiential, problem-based learning is a hands-on way of exposing young minds to the challenges of our daily lives. The GNSS Challenge is a platform to engage youths to develop and showcase their capabilities in using SiReNT to solve day-to-day issues, as well as to promote the use of precise GNSS technologies. Through this challenge, we are heartened to see the effort put in by the students in exploring the potential of SiReNT for innovative concepts to benefit the community. We hope that all the participating teams will continue to push the boundaries and continue to explore the innovative uses of precise GNSS beyond this challenge.”

        “This collaboration with SLA is an important one to encourage the adoption of space technologies to everyday life starting with our youth. The significance of space applications and technologies in our daily lives is huge and we want more Singaporean students to be exposed to and inspired by these. Although the challenge was demanding and competitive, our judges and mentors are very impressed by the quality of the entries, their attention to detail, and integration of GNSS that encapsulates the theme of the challenge. The GNSS Challenge is an important part of helping to build the talent pipeline in space and deep tech for the future to close the talent gap. We are even more encouraged that the winning team is an all-female team to inspire more talented young women to enter the field and close the gender gap,” said Lynette Tan, Chief Executive, SSTL.

        At the final judging of the GNSS Challenge held on Friday, 9 July 2021, each of the four teams pitched their solution to a renowned panel of judges where they were judged on their product’s feasibility, use of the SiReNT technology, development costs and design. The award presentation was held on Friday, 16 July 2021 and the winning team was awarded the grand prize of S$3,000 and a potential industrial attachment with SLA.

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Singapore Space and Technology Limited

Singapore Land Authority

GNSS Innovation Challenge Virtual Award Ceremony


Grand Prize Winner: Team Twinkle

School: Victoria Junior College

Team Members: Nian Ci Ang, Xuan Xuan Chu, Qian Wei Lim, Lisa Lim

Project Synopsis: A walking stick that helps to track and aid the visually impaired by using GNSS, SiReNT and Magnetic mapping, combined with other technologies.


Creative Prize Winner: Team Nut

School: Eunoia Junior College

Team Members: Ee Yang, Swee Yang The, Yi Xuan Tan

Project Synoopsis: A smart watch that tracks and aids people and a pair of glasses designed to help the visually impaired navigate. Both of these solutions will be integrated and operated from a mobile app.


Left to right: SSTL Chief Executive Lynette Tan, SLA Chief Executive Colin Low, SLA Director of Survey & Geomatics Dr Victor Khoo, SSTL Chairman Jonathan Hung, and SpaceAge Labs CEO Deepak Pitta