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Launch of OneMap3D Beta at Singapore Geospatial Week+ 2020

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Launch of OneMap3D Beta at Singapore Geospatial Week+ 2020

3D Singapore Map Beta Portal Made Available to All 

The Beta version of OneMap3D, Singapore Land Authority (SLA)’s open-source 3D city map portal, is now available for trial to businesses, developers and members of the public. OneMap3D Beta (www.OneMap3D.gov.sg) will be launched on 17 September 2020, in conjunction with Singapore Geospatial Week+ 2020, which runs from 7 to 18 September 2020. 

2. “With global attention and the trend of digitalisation, we are anticipating steady growth in the geospatial market. This is evident in the effort and resources invested by both the United Nations and the World Bank to strengthen geospatial expertise and adoption around the world. Riding early on the growth through GeoWorks, we envision Singapore to become the GeoHub of the region, with a well-connected industry network, supported by robust geospatial data to drive innovation,” said SLA Chairman Yeoh Oon Jin.

3. SLA Acting Chief Executive Simon Ong said, “3D city map provides an immersive view of a user’s surroundings and serves as a dynamic visualisation platform. We hope the Beta version of OneMap3D will catalyse more co-creations of innovative solutions using 3D geospatial data. OneMap3D is continuously enhanced and we want to collaborate with businesses, developers and community users to improve the Beta version.” (See Annex A – OneMap3D Beta sample screen references)

4. Since 2010, OneMap has been serving the public as the national map of Singapore with the most authoritative and detailed map information in 2D format. OneMap is a multi-agency collaboration with continuous updates from government agencies for information and services such as navigating for places of interest, hawker centres, parks, sports centres and even heritage trees. Private sector entities and community users have also been leveraging on OneMap’s Application Programming Interface (API), to create useful and value-added services. 

5. The OneMap3D beta launch features pilot partners and co-developers with innovative use of 3D models. This follows SLA’s initiation in September 2019 for industry collaboration to co-develop the nation’s first open-source 3D map portal.

6. In the area of mobility and healthcare, Garuda Robotics has leveraged on 3D urban data from OneMap3D Beta to facilitate the use of drones to rapidly deliver AEDs to cardiac arrest victims within Singapore’s complex urban environment. Garuda Robotics Chief Executive Officer Mark Yong said, "OneMap3D Beta has accelerated our development and deployment of life saving drones in urban Singapore. As a GeoWorks GeoTech, we have been working on drone solutions with the OneMap platform. The availability of 3D data will provide more possibilities and opportunities as we progress to the next phase of innovation with new and optimised solutions for the industry.” 

7. Property portal MOGUL.sg, a GeoTech based at GeoWorks, is enhancing the property search process for potential buyers to tour properties with OneMap3D Beta. Co-founder and CEO of MOGUL.sg Gerald Sim said, "Covid-19 has changed the situation for many in the real estate industry. The launch of OneMap3D Beta is timely as this allows visitors who come to our virtual exhibition to appreciate an immersive display of the environment of each property. OneMap3D Beta, coupled with virtual walkthroughs of property development projects at the Singapore 1st Virtual Property Expo this October will offer visitors the complete modern solution for home buyers."

8. As one of the first pilot co-developers for OneMap3D Beta, BIMAGE Consulting Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Ajith Menon said, “We hope that our partnership marks the path towards enhancing and extending the OneMap3D Beta data to support Virtual Design & Construction requirements needed for the built environment industry. This will not only increase productivity but will also open up new business opportunities in asset planning and facility management.”

9. Businesses, co-developers and community users interested to try and test the OneMap3D Beta can visit www.OneMap3D.gov.sg.

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Issued by: 

The Singapore Land Authority 

17 September 2020

Annex A – OneMap3D Beta sample screen references


Elevated view of Singapore’s Central Business District


Elevated view with Marina Bay Sands


Use of Orthophoto (satellite imagery) as a base map style for the Ang Mo Kio Area


Use of Orthophoto (satellite imagery) as base map style for the Central Business District


Elevated view from a HDB unit in Ang Mo Kio


Simulation of shadow casting on buildings


Street view as a navigational reference


3D view of the various no fly zone restrictions