Annex C - Factsheet on Remediation Works

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History of Kallang Gasworks

1. The former Kallang Gasworks occupied an area of approximately 3.14ha. It was constructed in 1862 for gas production which was a common mode of energy generation at that time, and was the only plant which manufactured gas using coal in Singapore. When Kallang Gasworks ceased operations, gas production was relocated to Senoko Gasworks in July 1997 by Singapore Power Pte Ltd. The site has been cordoned off.

Remediation works

2. To support the redevelopment of Kampong Bugis, SLA has conducted an environmental site assessment. The environmental site assessment found chemicals in the soil such as aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Such chemicals are typically found in land that has been used for gas production.

3. The soil needs to be remediated so that the site can be developed for other uses. The remediation works will ensure that the quality of the soil will be suitable for its intended use, in accordance with established international standards. Similar works have been successfully carried out in countries such as UK (e.g. the former King’s Cross Gasworks) and Australia (e.g. the former Newstead Gasworks). SLA has appointed a consultant with experience in this field to supervise and validate the remediation works.

4. The remediation works will entail treating the soil using thermal methods and soil washing. The treatment process will be carried out in enclosed facilities with appropriate control measures in place. The appointed contractor for the remediation works will also be required to comply with the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA) and its regulations, as well as the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

5. Preliminary works are expected to commence in November 2018, and the entire remediation process is expected to be completed in July 2022.