Annex C: New OneMap Factsheet

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  1. New OneMap is the authoritative national map of Singapore with the most detailed and updated map information. It is a multi-agency collaboration with many government agencies currently participating and contributing useful day-to-day information and services. The private sector and the community also leverage on the platform to create useful and value-added services.


  2. Developed using Open Source Technologies by an in-house team of developers in Singapore Land Authority. OneMap has been serving the public since 2010.

  3. Some of the new features include:

    1. Map Styles – choose from a variety of street maps (including satellite imagery) to suit your preference
    2. Search – improved search engine which stores your previous five search locations
    3. Driving and Journey Planner – get detailed step by step driving and public transport directions, with walking directions that provide the shortest, most sheltered and safe path
    4. Find Nearby – locate over 100 thematic information, such as AXS Stations, Hawker Centres, Kindergartens and CHAS Clinics within 2km of your current specified location


  4. Other services migrated from the previous OneMap platform include:
    1. LandQuery – identify land ownership and land lot information
    2. SchoolQuery – search for nearby schools within 1 and 1-2km for Primary 1 school admissions
    3. Bus Explorer – tap on any bus stop icon on the map to display bus arrival timings and bus service routes
    4. TrafficQuery – view live traffic conditions, traffic cameras and traffic incidents
    5. PropertyQuery – find out rental and transacted property prices
    6. BizQuery – view registered live business entities
    7. PopulationQuery – discover location-based demographic information


  5. New OneMap is now responsive in design for better viewing on desktop and mobile web browser, with a mobile app downloadable in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  6. A set of Application Programming Interface (API), such as base maps, address search, routing and reverse geocoding, is also available at for developers to leverage on to create map-based applications and services.