SLA's public tenders of State properties to launch only from from 1 Nov 2008

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30 October 2008

- State tenders removed from GeBiz, aims to provide better seamless updates of State tenders on SPIO.

Starting from 1 November 2008, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will launch State tenders only on its one-stop property portal, State Property Online Information (SPIO). Previously, such revenue tenders are posted on both the Government Electronic Business Portal (GeBIZ) and SPIO. Through this move of reducing duplication, SLA hopes to provide a more seamless and one-stop information update on the State tenders conducted by SLA. These revenue tenders are by way of competitive bidding based on an indicative guide rental, for a variety of approved uses from office, commercial, F&B, education, lifestyle, residential, industrial, to civic, community and institutional uses.

2 At the same time, SLA has recently completed a facelift to Users include those from SMEs, local and foreign registered companies, listed organisations, to individuals in search of State property rental and sale information. Through the revamped SPIO, the tenderer is able to follow through the stages of the tender, download all the tender documents through SPIO, and at a glance, find out what properties are up for tender; when the tender will open and close; the bids that came in for the property, and finally the tender results and final award. A new archival feature of past tender information also allows users to do market comparison for a more informed investment decision.

3 The other enhancements of SPIO include better categorisation of information through building types (i.e. Whole Buildings, Residential Units, Office Units, Retail Units). There is easier access to finding the availability of properties at a click. The website is also more visually aesthetic and vibrant with the use of more imagery to showcase the various kinds of properties that SLA manages.

4 It is also a portal for the public to view and rent properties that are available for residential use such as black-and-white bungalows, apartments, semi-detached and terraces through our open bidding system. With the recent revamp, SLA has made the website more user-friendly through easier and clearer navigation tools and faster retrieval of data.

5 Last year, SLA had an accelerated speed of tender launches and high volume. In 2007, SLA launched 81 tenders (which translates to 1 tender in every 4.5 days), this represents a 56% increase from 2006 where there were 52 tenders conducted. The number of awards also increased in 2007 from the previous year's 30 awards to 44 awards in 2007. This represents a 47% increase. As at first half of this year, SLA conducted 9 tenders and had 26 successful awards.



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The Singapore Land Authority
30 October 2008

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