SLA to commence exhumation of graves at Kwong Hou Sua Cemetery

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5 November 2008

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will soon be commencing the final phase of the exhumation of the graves at the Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery (off Woodlands Road). The land, which is approximately 70,000sqm, is planned for industrial developments. In October 2008, LTA had commenced the earlier phase of the exhumation for the portion of the land required for the Downtown Line depot development.


2 About 1020 graves will be affected under Phase 2. The next-of-kin or descendants are to register their claims of their ancestor’s remains by 17 April 2009. Public exhumation is scheduled to commence from March 2009 and to be completed by end June 2009.

3 Claimants can obtain more information from the SLA Enquiry Line (Tel: 6323 9829) or our website @ They can also e-mail their questions to


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The Singapore Land Authority
5 November 2008


(i) Annex A: Location map
(ii) Annex B: Photo of cemetery

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