Old Changi Hospital to reopen to new uses

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  • The old Changi Hospital, a 70-year-old State building at Blk 24, 37 & 161 Halton Rd, will soon be opened for public tender to a range of new allowable uses, up to a maximum of nine years, based on a three-year renewable tenancy. The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will put the 7638 square-metre property, on a total site area of 12,975 square metres up for public tender next month via government gebiz, for interested enterprises and businesses to rejuvenate the building with a new lease of life. The allowable uses are as follows:

    • Commercial school/privately funded school/foreign systems school
    • Student's hostels
    • Bed and Breakfast
    • Chalet/Resort
    • Beauty, Spa, Health and fitness centre
    • Arts/dance/drama studio .
    • Martial arts/Judo/Fencing/Archery School
    • Recreational Clubs
    • Corporate Retreat
    • Adventure Camps

    The integrated uses ranging from lifestyle, educational to hospitality, will largely restore the site to its time-treasured scenic and laid-back ambience, drawing old and new crowds.

  • The property at Blk 24, 161, 37 Halton Road, which is the former Changi Hospital, was returned to SLA in 1998. SLA and URA have been studying the appropriate uses for the property that would complement the rustic character and tie in with the overall planning vision for Changi Point, before putting up the property for tender. In the meantime, the SLA has put it to interim uses in an effort to maximise Singapore's land resources, the most popular of which is as a filming location. Some of the popular local shows that have shot on location at the old CGH were the locally-produced English drama series, "Growing Up" (at the SAF Medical Ward), Chinese drama "Crime Hunters" (headquarters of old CGH), and TV series with supernatural themes like "Incredible Tales". In addition, many theatrical productions had been staged on location by various educational institutions. The productions were used as the students' final year projects and some were put on national broadcast.

  • Chief Executive of SLA, Lam Joon Khoi said, "The old Changi Hospital seeks out the creative and enterprising spirits in first-mover tenants out there, similar to who we had in the Dempsey enclave, to enliven the historic site, retain Changi's charm, and enable people to enjoy more of Changi".

  • On 27 May morning, the old hospital site will be a destination of nostalgia as more than 100 medical staff and families of the new Changi General Hospital (CGH) trail the memory lane of its former site before it was handed back to the State in 1998. The new CGH is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

  • More tender details on the property will soon be posted via SLA's one-stop property portal, https://app1.sla.gov.sg/spio


Issued by:
Singapore Land Authority
29 May 2006