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Industry Address at GEO Connect Asia 2022 by the Singapore Land Authority Chief Executive Colin Low


1.    A very good morning to:

a.    Our Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law,
b.    His Excellency, Ngy Chanphal, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia,
c.    Mr. Chia Ngiang Hong, President of Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore (REDAS), and
d.    Distinguished guests attending Geo Connect Asia 2022

2.    Recently, the re-opening of borders and hybrid working arrangements have allowed us to resume international travel and reconnect with friends and colleagues.

3.    In fact, this conference, one of the first few hybrid events since Singapore’s reopening, marks a shift to a new normal and the geospatial industry’s aspiration to push boundaries as we transition to a post-pandemic era. 

Making Geospatial Mainstream

4.    Today, emerging trends and digital transformation are driving geospatial into the mainstream. Rich location-based data has become integral to our daily lives. Through Singapore’s open map platform OneMap, potential homebuyers can easily view nearby amenities such as parks, shopping malls and even check the latest transacted property prices. For parents, there is a school query function on OneMap that allows a quick view of all primary schools nearby. For cyclists, OneMap is not only able to suggest cycling routes, but safer routes, that make use of our local park connectors.

5.    Geospatial will underpin Singapore’s ambition to be a Smart Nation. Being both an island city state and a country, Singapore could serve as a “Living Lab” where ideas can be test-bedded and solutions adapted for other countries. SLA’s GeoWorks is the go-to sandbox for such experimentations and collaborations, serving as an industry centre and as a launchpad to the region.

6.    Geospatial is important in supporting Singapore’s transformation into a greener and more sustainable city. OneMap, as our national map, is well-placed to be the Green Map for Singapore. For example, solar potential, accessibility to green spaces and the network of EV charging points could be mapped onto OneMap. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

Expanding the Benefits of Geospatial into Real Estate

7.    As the geospatial agency of Singapore, SLA remains committed in expanding the use of geospatial through collaborations with the industry.

8.    In the past few months, SLA has signed MOUs with the top 5 real estate agencies in Singapore that represent more than 80% of market share. SLA is working with these real estate agencies to collect hyperlocal data through a geospatial application that harnesses GeoAI.

9,    With this collaboration, property agents would benefit from the integration of hyperlocal data on their own platforms. This will help them serve their clients better with detailed location information and nearby points of interest. Consumers looking to buy, sell or rent property could benefit from the enriched data to make a more informed decision.

10.    Today, we are signing an MOU with the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS) to explore and collaborate on geospatial solutions in the real estate and related industries.

11.    Looking ahead, we can potentially work with developers to place 3D models of their newly launched projects on OneMap to showcase a more dynamic representation of properties, with window-views and shadow casting.

12.    The mainstreaming of geospatial and cross-sector collaborations is a testament to a vibrant and progressive geospatial industry. For that, I would like to thank the President of REDAS, Mr. Chia, and our partners, for supporting this shared vision.

Metaverse is the Next Big Opportunity in Geospatial

13.    Now, significant developments in digital transformation have empowered cities to look ahead and plant seeds for a metaverse ecosystem.

14.    For me, the metaverse is a series of connected virtual environments, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical and digital worlds. Many businesses and enterprises are now exploring metaverse-based fundamentals such as digital twins to synchronize these realities.
The metaverse may transform the way we socialize, work and play, and I am confident that the geospatial industry is ready to seize new opportunities in the metaverse ecosystem.


Closing Statement

15.    I would like to leave you with a quote from Bill Gates, who said "Innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world."

16.    The value of geospatial is more apparent than ever before. By coming together as a geospatial ecosystem, I believe our co-innovations and our partnerships will collectively shape the next bound of our common geospatial future. I hope this conference will allow you the space and time to reflect and exchange ideas on how we can bring forward geospatial development in the coming months and years.

17.    On this note, I wish everyone a fruitful conference ahead. Thank you.