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Expiring Leases at Lorong 3 Geylang and Relocation Status of Owners and Tenants

1.           The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) announced in June 2017 that the land occupied by the 191 terrace house units at Lorong 3 Geylang would return to the State when the leases expire on 31 December 2020. 


2.           The Government takes into consideration various national, social and economic needs in making land planning decisions and redevelopment plans. The return of leasehold land to the State upon lease expiry enables the land to be rejuvenated to meet these various needs of Singaporeans. The Lorong 3 Geylang site is slated for a new public housing development as part of a larger plan to rejuvenate Kallang.


3.           The Government has assisted the residents at Lorong 3 Geylang over the last three years, to assist with their preparations for relocation after their leases expire. An officer was assigned to each household, to guide them through their relocation plans. Each household was assisted according to their unique circumstances. 



Relocation Status


4.           Of the 191 units, 5 units have been returned to the State[1], 37 units are currently owner-occupied, and the remaining 149 units are either vacant, or used as foreign workers’ accommodation or for religious activities. 


5.           Of the 37 owner-occupied units, 32 have finalised their next home. For the remaining 5 owner-occupied units who are still considering their options and those whose flats will not be ready by 31 December 2020, HDB has offered them the option to rent a flat under the Interim Rental Housing scheme.


6.           As for the units that are used as foreign workers’ accommodation, SLA and the Ministry of Manpower have contacted the employers of the foreign work pass holders to make relocation arrangements for their workers.


7.           Occupants who are currently conducting religious activities have been advised to consider co-locating with religious organisations operating in other areas or renting a space from commercial or industrial premises where a portion of the gross floor area can be used for religious purposes. Occupants who require assistance relocating altars and deities may also contact the members of the National Steering Committee (NSC) on Racial and Religious Harmony[2] for assistance.


8.           After all the properties have been returned to the State upon lease expiry, SLA will hoard up and clear the site to prepare it for redevelopment.


Issued by: 

Singapore Land Authority 

3 December 2020

[1] SLA has facilitated the early return of properties from owners who wished to do so by waiving the processing fees and liaising with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore to refund the balance property tax.


[2] The organisations represented in the NSC include Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore, Hindu Advisory Board (HAB), Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO), Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), Sikh Advisory Board (SAB), Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF), Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA), and Taoist Federation (TF).