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Enhancing Changi's Road and Active Mobility Infrastructure

1      The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced the enhancements to the road and active mobility infrastructure in the Changi region today.

2      Connectivity in the Changi region will significantly improve over the next decade as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) starts work to enhance the road and active mobility network from end 2020. This will complement the upcoming Cross Island Line (CRL) stations[1] in the Changi area. These enhancements are necessary to serve existing and new developments. These include Changi Airport Terminal 5 (T5), growth in aviation and logistics industries and residential developments.

3      When road, rail and active mobility projects are completed by 2029, commuters, residents and motorists in Changi can look forward to increased convenience, shorter travelling times, and improved intra-town and inter-town connectivity. LTA will be calling tenders from 4Q 2019 for the roads and cycling path projects for the Northern and Southern corridors in Changi.

4      To facilitate the road works for the Changi Southern Corridor, parts of land within Laguna National Golf and Country Club and parts of three plots of land owned by JTC that are currently leased to private entities, will be acquired by the Government. These acquisitions involve ancillary features such as greenery areas, storage zones and fencing. No main building structures will be affected.

5      The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has gazetted the acquisition of the affected land today. SLA and LTA will work closely with the affected landowners to assist them throughout the acquisition process and to minimise the impact on them.

6      The notifications of the land affected by the acquisition have been published in the Gazette on 18 Sep 2019.  The Gazette Notification Nos. 2499 and 2500 dated 17 Jun 2019 may be found online at www.egazette.com.sg. The affected private properties are listed below:

Lot No.


Extent of Acquisition

Area in sqm

Relevant Street Address




476.7 (sc)

31 Changi South Street 1




359.0 (sc)

29 Changi South Street 1




53.5 (sc)

27 Changi South Street 1




16,929.4 (sc)

11 Laguna Golf Green

7      The plans of the affected land may be inspected during normal office hours at the office of the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority from Monday to Friday except Public Holidays. Any person who wishes to claim an interest in compensation on account of the acquisition, but has not received an acquisition notice, may contact the office of the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority at 1800 323 9829 to arrange for an inquiry to state the nature of his interests in the land, the amount and particulars of his claims to compensation for his interest, the basis or mode of valuation by which the amount claimed is arrived at and his objections, if any, to the measurements of the land.

8      Should you require additional information, you may also call the following hotlines:

Land Transport Authority (LTA):             1800 2255 582

Singapore Land Authority (SLA):            1800 323 9829

[1] Pasir Ris station, Pasir Ris East station, Loyang station and Aviation Park station. Station names are working names.