New Developments and the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail Terminus set for Jurong East

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1.          The Singapore Government announced today that the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) terminus will be located at the current site of Jurong Country Club (JCC) in Jurong East. The site will also be comprehensively redeveloped for new mixed-use developments and community facilities to serve Jurong residents, HSR passengers and visitors.

Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR

2.          At the 6th Singapore-Malaysia Leaders’ Retreat on 5 May 2015, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the HSR terminus in Singapore would be located in Jurong East. This is in line with the Government’s vision to develop Jurong into a second Central Business District and as a new gateway to Singapore.

3.           In view of Singapore’s land constraints, the Government has sought to minimise the HSR’s land take here. For example, we have agreed with Malaysia that all depot and stabling facilities will be located in Malaysia. Notwithstanding this, the HSR terminus will require a sufficiently large site[1] that is accessible and well-connected to the public transport network. The JCC site is ideal due to its high connectivity, with close proximity to the existing two MRT lines (East-West and North-South Lines) at Jurong East MRT station, new MRT lines (the Jurong Region Line and Cross Island Line) being planned around the area, as well as the future integrated transport hub in Jurong East. The terminus will also be located close to Jurong Gateway, which is already shaping up well as a vibrant mixed-use precinct. Hence, the terminus location is compatible with the surrounding land uses, and well-supported by infrastructure and amenities.

Comprehensive redevelopment of area around HSR terminus

4.          The decision to site the HSR terminus at Jurong East dovetails with the Government’s plans to develop Jurong East. This could include introducing new mixed-use developments and community facilities at the surrounding area to serve Jurong residents, HSR passengers and visitors. Accessibility at Jurong East will be greatly improved when existing and new MRT lines are seamlessly integrated with future developments, the Integrated Transport Hub, and connected with pedestrian linkways. There will be opportunities to further improve the road network as part of the comprehensive redevelopment of the area. New family-friendly recreation uses could also be developed to complement the upcoming Jurong Lake Gardens and the new Science Centre. Residents and visitors can look forward to enjoying continuous access to the entire Jurong Lake waterfront.

5.          These new developments will be implemented progressively after detailed planning and technical studies are carried out. Concurrently, for the HSR, the Government will conduct a detailed engineering study to finalise the station footprint and alignment. More details will be announced when ready.

Land Acquisition

6.          The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has gazetted the acquisition of the affected land today. SLA will work closely with the management of JCC and assist the club throughout the acquisition process.

7.          The notification of the land affected by the acquisition has been published in the Gazette on 11 May 2015.  The Gazette Notification No. 1154 dated 30 Apr 2015 may be found online at The affected private property is listed as follows:

Mukim Lot No Area in sqm Extent of
Relevant Street Address
5 8830N 665,264.0 Full 9 Science Centre Road
8834M 222.4

 8.          A plan of the affected land may be inspected during normal office hours at the office of the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority from Monday to Friday except Public Holidays. Any person who wishes to claim an interest in compensation on account of the acquisition, but has not received an acquisition notice, may contact the office of the Collector of Land Revenue, Singapore Land Authority at 1800 323 9829 to arrange for an inquiry to state the nature of his interests in the land, the amount and particulars of his claims to compensation for his interest, the basis or mode of valuation by which the amount claimed is arrived at and his objections, if any, to the measurements of the land to be acquired.

      9.           Should you require additional information, you may also call the following hotlines:

                i.          On Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) Terminus
      Land Transport Authority (LTA):                         1800 225 5582
                ii.          On land acquisition  matters
      Singapore Land Authority (SLA):                       1800 323 9829
                iii.          On comprehensive redevelopment matters
      Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA):          63293212

[1] The terminus will take up about 12 hectares, or around 20% of the JCC site.