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SLA Land Titles Registry

Two land registers co-exist, namely, The Register of Deeds for Common Law land under the Registration of Deeds Act and The Land Titles Register for titles land under the Land Titles Act.


Under common law, interest in land is passed by the act of the parties, that is, when a deed is signed, sealed and delivered. While the Registration of Deeds is not mandatory, it is advisable to register deeds for 2 main reasons:

to secure priority
Where there are conflicting or competing interests in the same property, priority will be given to the deed which is registered first.

to use as evidence
Section 4 of the Registration of Deeds Act provides, inter alia, that a registrable deed which is not registered is not admissible in any court of law as evidence of title to the land.


Conveyance of Common Law land registered under the Registration of Deeds Act is complicated and labour intensive. To simplify the system for title to land, the Land Titles Act was introduced in 1960.

Under the Land Titles System, a Land Titles Register is maintained. Under this system, registration is mandatory to effect the transfer of an estate or interest in land. All documents must be lodged either manually using the approved form or electronically here


SLA is responsible for issuing:

  • Certificates of Title for Land sold by the State;
  • New Certificates of Title for new landed developments;
  • Subsidiary Strata Certificates of Title for new condominiums and flats, flatted factories, office buildings as well as conversion of old flats built before the operation of the Land Titles (Strata) Act to the strata system; and
  • Replacement Certificates of Title / Subsidiary Strata Certificates of Title / Subsidiary Certificates of Title including those which are lost, destroyed or wrongfully withheld.

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Land title searches can be carried out Online at: INLIS (Integrated Land Information Service)or manually at SLA.  Please click here for the Payment Authorisation Form relating to manual searches.