How to Tender for State Properties

Step 1


  • When a State property is put up for tender, the property will be placed in the category “Available Now” and the invitation to tender announced and published in here.
  •  The Tender Documents can be downloaded from website.
  •  Take note of the closing date and time of the tender stipulated.

Step 2


  • Form of Tender
  • Tender Brief indicating your proposal for the use of the property and relevant experience in the operation/ management of business for the proposed use(s)
  • Tender deposit equivalent to one (1) month's rent (excluding GST) in the form of a cashier's order/ money order made in favour of the "Commissioner of Lands, SLA"
  • Latest printout from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) if you are tendering as a company, or a copy of your identity card if you are tendering as an individual
  • Latest audited financial statements for the past two (2) years if you are tendering as a company, or the latest income tax statement for the past two (2) years if you are tendering as an individual
  • A checklist of the items to be submitted can be found on the second last page of the Tender Documents.

Step 3


  • Submit your tender at the designated box located at the SLA by the closing date and time as stated in the tender.
  • The timing for the close of tender will be based on the official time displayed at SLA. Any tender submitted after the closing date and time will not be considered.
  • The tender is to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked with the envelope label cover enclosed in the Tender Documents.

Step 4


  • Shortlisted tenderers may be required to attend a tender interview.

In evaluating the bids submitted, we consider among other factors, the tendered price, concepts, proposed uses, track record and financial health of the bidders.

Step 5


  • The successful tenderer will be informed via a letter of acceptance.
  • The tender deposit will not be returned. Instead, the deposit will be used to offset the first month of rental payment following the expiry of the rent-free period.

Step 6


The items to prepare will be indicated in the Letter of Acceptance. Specifically:

  • A security deposit of at least three (3) months of the tendered monthly rental is payable within 28 days after the date of Letter of Acceptance in the form of a cashier’s order, money order, banker’s guarantee, or Insurance Performance Bond / Guarantee issued by MAS-approved insurance companies. The security deposit quantum may increase to a maximum of six (6) months of rent.
  • Fire insurance policy for the quantum and period stated in the Tender Documents
  • GST payment of the first payable month’s rent in the form of a cashier’s order, money order, or cheque made in favour of the “Commissioner of Lands, SLA”
  • A certificate of Stamp Duty issued by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for the original Tenancy Agreement
  • ACRA’s Registration of Companies Certificate
  • Duly completed GIRO and Direct Credit Authorisation Forms