Survey Maps and Plans

SLA maintains a record of Certified Plan (CP), Strata Certified Plan (CPST), Registrar of Title Plans (RT) and Cadastral maps in electronic format.


These plans show the final boundaries of the lots. Plans which depict land parcels are called Certified Plans (CP). Plans depicting strata lots are referred to as Strata Certified Plan (CPST). Each plan bears a unique plan number. Where a strata lot occupies more than one storey and there are strata voids e.g. mezzanine unit with two or more levels, a table in the CPST will show the floor area, void area (if any), the sub-total area of each storey, the total strata void area and the total strata area of the lot. For more information of void areas in a strata development, please refer to the infographic.

These plans are available to the general public at here.

For samples of CP and CPST with void area, please click CP | CPST


A Registrar of Title (RT) Plan is a survey plan showing the provisional boundaries of the lots. RT Plan will be superseded by the Certified Plan (CP) after a ground survey has been conducted. Currently, RT plan is prepared for the survey of subterranean lots, airspace lots, reclaimed land and foreshore structures. These plans are available to the general public at here.

Samples of RT


Cadastral Maps show the land lot numbers and associated survey information from the area selected.

Cadastral Maps are updated as soon as the survey plans are approved by the Chief Surveyor.

These plans are available to the general public at here.

Samples of Cadastral Maps