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Conducting a Cadastral Survey (For Registered Surveyors)

Depending on the request, the Registered Surveyor could make various types of cadastral survey submissions to SLA for processing. We are now in a paper-less environment whereby submissions made by the Registered Surveyor are in real-time and digital 100% electronic. 

The completion of a property boundary survey happens when the Chief Surveyor approves the survey plan submitted and certified by the Registered Surveyor. 

SLA stores and makes available approved survey maps and plans for the public to purchase via INLIS. The current types of survey plans can be found here.


The RS-Portal is a platform for Registered Surveyors (RS) to pre-validate and submit cadastral survey jobs to Chief Surveyor for approval. The web portal serves as a single window for services between SLA and the RS with the aim of increasing productivity and enhancing the ease of submission in a secured environment and digital. By allowing the RSs to submit in digital format - LandXML, the RS Portal has changed the fundamental how the cadastral data is processed, managed and exchanged across different platforms to meet challenges in the digital world.


After the Registered Surveyor completes the survey, he will be submitting the survey plans to SLA for inspection. This is necessary so as to ensure that the property boundary survey has been carried out correctly in accordance with the Chief Surveyor Directives, Chief Surveyor Circulars and Notices. When the requirements of the survey are met, the Chief Surveyor will approve the survey plans and it will be stored with SLA.


The service standard for the Chief Surveyor to approve the survey plans are:

  • For processing RT job - Within seven working days
  • For processing CPST job - Within eight working days
  • For processing CP job - Within eight working days

The above time frame does not include:

  • The query period from the date the Chief Surveyor notifies the Registered Surveyor to attend to the date the Registered Surveyor returns the job after attending to the query.
  • All Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Any period for consultations made with other parties to resolve any issue pertaining to the survey.