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The GeospatialSG Programme

Singapore's National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) was set up in 2008. Previously known as the Singapore Geospatial Collaborative Environment or SG-SPACE, the NSDI provides a mechanism to make authoritative geospatial data available for decision-making, public security and cost-effective businesses.

In 2018, SG-SPACE was reconceptualized to Geospatial Singapore (GeospatialSG), signifying the whole-of-nation approach to collectively maximize the use of geospatial information and technology for our Smart Nation and the Future Economy.

The GeospatialSG programme is co-driven by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), and the programme reports to the Government Data Steering Committee overseen by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office.

Get involved in GeospatialSG and the implementation of its initiatives by contacting us: geoworks@sla.gov.sg

GeospatialSG Leads Singapore's Geospatial Development

SLA and GovTech have been playing an active role in driving the nation’s geospatial development in three key areas:

  • Policy & Planning

    Geospatial Master Plan

    Articulates key initiatives to drive geospatial development in the industry, people and government sectors.

    GeoData Policies and Mechanisms

    Establish policies and mechanisms to enable geospatial data standardization and greater data sharing.

  • GeoData & Platforms

    GeoData Availability

    Increases high-value geospatial data for geoanalytics and decision-making.


    Manages government central geodata sharing platforms, GeoSpace and OneMap. Developing Virtual Singapore, a high accuracy and data-rich 3D platform.

  • Capacity & Adoption

    Geospatial Centres

    SLA's Geospatial Industry and Capability Centres aim to promote the use of Geospatial in both the private and government sectors.

    Capacity Building

    Promotes geospatial adoption, education pathways and skills development through education, training, hackathons and funding.