Businesses can apply for a licence to use the digitised land information to meet their business needs or to create products and services e.g. GIS enterprise solutions, maps, fleet management, location-based services, navigation products, mapping applications, client-server solutions, spatial analysis, business intelligence etc..

The geo-data/ database/ dataset/ information available for licensing are:

For all the above datasets, the data formats we provide are: ”DGN” (Bentley Microstation format); “DXF” (DWG Object or AutoCAD Map format); “DMP” (Oracle Spatial Export format); or “SHP” (ESRI Shape format).

Such licensed datasets are suitable for industries such as transport and logistics, healthcare, real estate, mobile and wireless, urban planning and construction, research and development etc..

1. Street Directory

Street Directory dataset is a street level map showing the general locality of buildings, roads, coastal outlines, MRT networks, hydrographical features, surrounding amenities, points of interest POI etc. Over 30 features/ layers are packaged here, complete with more than 20 categories of POI. Choose between Basic or Premium packages.

Sample data: SHP (Premium) SHP (Basic)


2. Address Point

The Address Point links the address of a building to its corresponding geo-coded position/location. It consists of a set of computer-generated points and each of these points represents the geographical position of a building (includes proposed addresses etc.).

Available data attributes are:

  • Building name (if any)
  • House/Block number
  • Road name
  • Postal code
  • X-coordinate
  • Y-coordinate

Sample data: SHP


3. Digitised Cadastral

Digitsed Cadastral dataset contains information relating to the surveyed plots such as lot numbers, land areas, lot boundaries, survey plan numbers, type of plans, type of ownership, survey district numbers and their boundaries.


4. Road Network

The Housing & Development Board (HDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) collate their respective road-related information into this Road Network dataset.

Available data attributes are:

  • Road name
  • Road kerb
  • Road network line (centreline)

Sample data: DXF


5. Building Outline

The Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Housing & Development Board (HDB), Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) collate their respective building-related information into this Building Outline dataset.

Available data attributes are:

  • House/ Block number
  • Road name
  • Building name
  • Building outline