Lorong Chencharu: Sale of 1 Land Parcel for Aquarium Fish Export Centre Use

Conditions and Technical Conditions of Tender

Land Parcel 10

Control Plan

Survey Plan

Services Plan

Parties interested to participate in the tender for this sale site are strongly advised to purchase the Tender Packet. The documents and materials on this website are for information only. The documents and materials and other information available on-line may be updated from time to time and changes may be made to the documents. We will not be responsible for any consequences whatsoever which may result from reliance on the documents or materials that have been downloaded from its website.

As we are unable to keep track of potential buyers who visit our website, SLA and the Government will only be responsible for notifying purchasers of the Tender Packet, who have given us their contact details, whenever there are updates or changes to the tender documents.

The Conditions & Technical Conditions of Tender and Survey Plans constitutes part of the tender packet*. For the complete set of the Tender Packet, please purchase it at the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) at 55 Newton Road, #12-01 Revenue House Singapore 307987

* The Control Plan and the Services Plans are not available in the Tender Packet.