Allocation of Lot Numbers

Every land parcel in Singapore is uniquely identified by a lot number. This identifier has two components, namely the survey districts Mukim (MK) or Town Subdivision (TS) number and the lot number.

For administrative purposes, Singapore is divided into 30 TS and 34 MK. A TS is located around the city area whereas a MK is found in the outer region surrounding the all the TS.

SLA issues lot numbers to identify land parcels, more commonly called land lots, within a TS or MK. Airspace and subterranean lots are three-dimensional lots which are designated above and below the ground surface respectively. Airspace lot numbers start with the 70,000 series, and subterranean lot numbers start with the 80,000 series.

Meanwhile, strata lot numbers are assigned to units within a building. They bear the prefix "U" e.g. U12345X. An accessory lot is a lot that is made appurtenant to another strata lot. It bears the prefix "A" e.g. A22X.

When are new lot numbers allocated?

New land lot numbers are allocated by SLA when:

  • part of an existing lot is alienated or acquired; or
  • there is a request, with the relevant approval or authorisation to amalgamate and/or subdivide the land; or
  • new land parcels are formed arising from reclaimed land, allocation of new foreshore lot, airspace lot or subterranean lot.

For strata lots, new lot numbers are allocated when there is a request, with the relevant approval, to: subdivide a building; or amalgamate and/or subdivide an existing strata lot.

Service Standard

For new lot numbers to be allocated, practicing Registered Surveyors will need to submit an electronic request to SLA. In most cases, SLA will release the new lot numbers within one working day from the date of receipt of the application.

Lot Numbering System

The format of land, strata and accessory lot numbers is designed to provide a simplified and uniform lot numbering system. The lot numbers are allotted uniquely in a running series within each survey district and suffixed with a check alphabet. The check alphabet is computer-generated and serves as a check against misquotes. Please see the table below for a description of the lot number format where N ( ) is numeric and A ( ) is alphabetical:

Type of lot number TS or MK TS or MK number Prefix Lot no. Check Alphabet Range
Land lot no. A(2) N(2) - N(5) A(1) 1-69999 & 90000-99999
Airspace lot no. A(2) N(2) - N(5) A(1) 70000-79999
Subterranean lot no. A(2) N(2) - N(5) A(1) 80000-89999
Strata lot no. A(2) N(2) U N(6) A(1) U1-U999999
Accessory lot no. A(2) N(2) A N(4) A(1) A1-A9999