The process of a property boundary survey (cadastral survey) is regulated by the Land Survey Division of SLA.

A property owner will need to engage a practising Registered Surveyor to carry out the property boundary survey. The list of practitioners can be found here . From then on, the Registered Surveyor will deal with SLA directly to fulfil the technical and administrative requirements of a property boundary survey.

For the Registered Surveyor to carry out the survey, a survey reference system is required. This survey reference system consists of physical points on the ground that the Registered Surveyor use in the process of his field work. SLA manages this network of points that is known as the survey control network. We are now in a concept of Co-ordinated Cadastre, where property boundaries are defined by co-ordinates for each boundary point.

The main steps involved in the process of a cadastral survey consist of 1) Allocation of Lot Numbers and 2) Inspection of Survey Plans . When the Registered Surveyor submits a request to SLA, certain fees might be payable and forms completed. We are now in a paper-less environment whereby submissions made by the Registered Surveyor are 100% electronic. The completion of a property boundary survey happens when the Chief Surveyor approves the survey plan submitted and certified by the Registered Surveyor.

SLA stores and makes available approved survey maps and plans for the public to purchase via INLIS. The current types of survey plans can be found here .