Vacant State lands not required for immediate development are usually put to meaningful use for the public to enjoy.

The list of sites managed by SLA is a fluid one. Some of these sites will be removed from the list when they are put to interim use, while others may be added on in future.

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Since 2003, we have been opening up State land to the public for community use. Today, 178 State fields are open for this purpose so that the public is free to use them to enjoy the great outdoors.

These fields, which were identified from public feedback, cover almost 231 ha (equivalent to some 361 football fields). Located throughout Singapore, with more than half near housing estates, these fields are easily accessible by the public. We regularly maintain and improve the sites by turfing and levelling the grounds to eliminate potholes as well as to compact the earth, so that they will be safer and more conducive for play. Today, many communities have integrated these sites into their social lives, and their activities have helped to liven up the heartlands. Some of these fields have become regular grounds for motorized kite-flyers while others have senior citizens playing gateball .

Adopt-a-field programme

To encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility for such fields, SLA introduced the "Adopt-A-Field" (AAF) programme in 2007. The programme encourages corporate or grassroots organisations to "adopt" any of the State fields as a way to further their corporate mission. Organisations may select fields for adoption based on proximity or any other factors. While the government will continue to conduct basic maintenance on the site, adopters can make further improvements to the fields at their own expense. Adopters will not have exclusive use of the site. No fencing or infrastructure is allowed either. State fields adopted are still open to the public for community use free of charge.

Organisations who would like to have exclusive use of an adopted field can take up a Temporary Occupation License (TOL) and pay a license fee according to usage.