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What SiReNT SMS4Status can do for you

The SiReNT SMS4Status allows SiReNT users to receive near instantaneous updates on the status of the SiReNT network or individual stations. These updates will be available to subscribers from any location through the use of SMS on mobilephones or other SMS capable hardware.

With a simple SMS sent to the system, users will receive information that contains the date and time of the status update in addition to the number of GPS satellites that are visible and being tracked by each SiReNT station.

How you can use SiReNT SMS4Status

To use SMS4Status, users will first need to subscribe to SMS4Status (Steps a & b). This subscription is free.

Once subscribed, users can send a simple SMS command (Step b) for the required status updates.

Unsubscribing from SMS4Status can be done anytime (Step c) and is hassle-free.

The number to send to is 82185395.

Guide to using SMS4Status

Below are the SMS commands for retrieving SiReNT status updates:

a. SUBSCRIBE [user name] - adds new subscriber
b. STATUS [station name] - retrieves status of specified station (if station name is blank, retrieves all stations)
c. UNSUBSCRIBE - disables status sms update


  • (Key in) subscribe Anakin Tan (Send)

    (Receive)"Subscription Successfully Updated"

  • (Key in) status skep (Send)

    (Receive)"SKEP - T10 : S10"

  • T10 (10 satellites are being Tracked) : S10 (10 satellites are solved or used)

Last Update : 12 September 2014

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