SiReNT GNSS Reference Station Information

Station ID SNSC
Location National Sailing Centre
Latitude N 1°18'49.12095" X -1538472.450 m
Longitude E 103°57'42.01188" Y 6188108.833 m
Ellipsoidal Ht 15.253 m Z 145243.192 m
Easting 42284.293 m
Northing 32882.042 m
GNSS Receiver Trimble NetR9
GNSS Antenna Trimble GNSS Choke w/SCIT Dome
IGS Code TRM59800.00 SCIT
Antenna Height 0.000 m
Measured up to Bottom of antenna mount
Antenna Installed on 20 December 2011
Information Last Updated 5 May 2015

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