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About SiReNT

What is SiReNT

Singapore Satellite Positioning Reference Network or SiReNT is a nation-wide GNSS reference station network used for the purpose of high precision and accuracy positioning, navigation and monitoring. It is an initiative by Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

The network consists of 8 GNSS reference stations operating 24/7. The GNSS data are transmitted directly to the Data Control Centre (DCC) for processing, archival and real-time dissemination.

SiReNT is a multi-purpose multi-GNSS infrastructure supporting users by providing correction for various satellite positioning systems, including GPS, GLONASS & QZSS.

History of SiReNT

SiReNT was first commissioned on 6th September 2006 as Singapore’s authoritative national positioning infrastructure to support the land survey activities locally. Initially there were five GPS reference stations spread out across mainland Singapore.

Eventually, the usage of SiReNT services expanded to beyond the land survey community to users in various industries for a variety of uses e.g. asset management, structural monitoring, precise navigation, mapping, GIS applications, research & development, academic uses, etc.

With the evolving uses of SiReNT, the need to provide reliability through redundancy saw the addition of reference stations to the SiReNT network.

On 19th March 2010, the first off-shore reference station was added to the SiReNT network. SSMK on Semakau Landfill in the southern waters of Singapore was also the first SiReNT reference station to support both GPS and GLONASS users.

On 1st June 2012, the SNSC reference station was added to the SiReNT network. This GPS and GLONASS capable reference station was installed at the National Sailing Center in East Coast Park and is the first SiReNT reference station that is self-sufficient, using both 3G comms and solar power.

On 18th September 2013, the SING reference station was added to the SiReNT network. This geodetic grade GPS and GLONASS capable self-sufficient reference station is rock anchored and installed in the Dairy Farm nature reserve.

System Overview

SiReNT comprises of a total of 9 GNSS reference stations that are connected to a Data Control Centre (DCC) at the Government Data Centre (GDC). Of these, 8 GNSS reference stations are available for general users. The system administrators access the DCC servers remotely from the Singapore Land Authority office.

The SiReNT infrastructure uses advanced hardware and software to ensure high quality services that is reliable and future-proof. SiReNT supports multi-GNSS constellation tracking (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS, QZSS) with available channels to track additional signals when they are available. Industry standard correction formats ( CMR, RTCM 2.1, RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.1) and other specialised formats (CMR+ & CMRx) are supported with real-time correction streaming of up to 1Hz. Output data formats supported are also industry standards like RINEX v2.10, RINEX v.2.11 and RINEX v3.02.

Last Update : 1 October 2014

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