Rail Corridor for Street Art


An interim independent space along the Rail Corridor had been made available for street art by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in partnership with the National Arts Council. With support from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA), URA and the NAC have worked together to facilitate a space for street art beneath the Commonwealth Avenue viaduct structure along the Rail Corridor.

The introduction of this interim art space would be for a period of one year starting in 2014.

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Currently an empty sheltered space, two walls beneath the viaduct structure would become a canvas for street artists to hone their skills and produce transient artwork for Rail Corridor users to discover. RSCLS, an urban art collective and recipient of the NAC Seed Grant, will be curating the space in 2014. To deepen public awareness about the art form, RSCLS will facilitate community participation through activities such as a street art jam.

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The public had been enjoying the Corridor as a leisure space with many outdoor activities held there over the past two years. To ensure that the public could enjoy this space safely, the SLA would continue to maintain the Corridor regularly, and would work closely with NParks to manage the trees and natural environment along the Corridor.