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Artcile 5 image The two blocks of flats at Spooner Road – the Kemuning Residential Block and Melati Residential Block

The Spooner Story – From Workers' Quarters to HDB Rental Flats

by Ong Eng Hui

The former KTMB workers' quarters at Spooner Road was handed over to SLA as part of the KTM railway premises returned to the State on 1 July 2011. The site comprises two blocks of flats - the Kemuning Residential Block and the Melati Residential Block.

SLA has been working closely with HDB to explore the use of the two blocks as interim rental housing for low income and needy families.

While working with HDB to iron out the operational details for the handover of the site, SLA concurrently extended a helping hand to the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) by offering the premises as a temporary holding area for its cats. A total of 50-odd cats were re-homed during this period.

image2 Along the flat corridors

"We are grateful to SLA for allowing caregivers entry into the area to continue to feed and manage the cats. Thank you very much for working with us for a humane solution for the animals," said Veron Lau, vice-president of CWS.

Following months of meetings, site inspections and discussions between SLA and HDB, the 12,325-square metre site was officially tenanted to HDB on 22 December 2011, subject to renewal every 3 years for a maximum tenure of 10 years till 2021. The flats are estimated to be ready for public use by the fourth quarter of 2012.

"We faced various challenges sorting out the operational issues, but we managed to overcome them by working hand-in-hand with SLA. We are really glad to have taken over the flats to boost the rental supply for our needy Singaporean families. This would not have been possible without the close working relationship and collaboration between SLA and HDB," said Bernard Ng, the HDB officer-in-charge of the Spooner Road project.

The handover of the flats to HDB helps alleviate the shortage of rental housing in Singapore, and marks a significant milestone in SLA's efforts to collaborate with relevant agencies as a whole-of-government approach to optimize the use of the various former KTM buildings.

View of the adjoining KTM railway land from the Spooner Road premises
Group shot of HDB and SLA staff
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